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If you’re involved in cybersecurity as a software developer, forensic investigator, or network administrator, this practical guide shows you how to apply the scientific method when assessing techniques for protecting your information systems. You’ll learn how to conduct scientific experiments on everyday tools and procedures, whether you’re evaluating corporate security systems, testing your own security product, or looking for bugs in a mobile game.
Once author Josiah Dykstra gets you up to speed on the scientific method, he helps you focus on standalone, domain-specific topics, such as cryptography, malware analysis, and system security engineering. The latter chapters include practical case studies that demonstrate how to use available tools to conduct domain-specific scientific experiments.

Learn the steps necessary to conduct scientific experiments in cybersecurity
Explore fuzzing to test how your software handles various inputs
Measure the performance of the Snort intrusion detection system
Locate malicious “needles in a haystack” in your network and IT environment
Evaluate cryptography design and application in IoT products
Conduct an experiment to identify relationships between similar malware binaries
Understand system-level security requirements for enterprise networks and web services

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